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Legal Document
Title: Decree on invoice No. 12/PM, dated 23 January 2015
Type: Decree
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Finance
Issuing Date: 2006-01-23
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List Measures Related to Legal Documents
Approval of invoice designEnterprise are permitted to use invoices of their own design, provided that such design has been approved by Ministry of Finance.Active
Invoice printing shop authorization requirementsOnly print shops authorized by the Ministry of Finance are permitted to print invoices.Active
Invoice usage requirementsIndividuals, legal entities which conduct business or other organizations which have a connection to goods, things or services at the Lao People’s Democratic Republic shall use invoices pursuant to the Decree regarding the Invoice (No. 12/PM).Active
Limitations on invoice printingOnly invoices following the approved format issued by the Ministry of Finance are permitted.Active
Requirements for tax deductible invoicesTax deductible invoices may only be used if the enterprise satisfies the following requirements: 1. Enterprise must have a tax identification number;
2.Enterprise must comply with the accounting system provided in the accounting law; and
3.The invoice must be registered with the tax authority.
Right and duties of services providers, in regards to invoicesServices providers must:
• Issue the invoice to the service’s users;
• Use as a certified document to write down in the income account to declare the tax payment and the request for tax deduction; and Compile and maintain, summarize and report then send to the relevant tax sector.
Type, form, sort and contents of the invoiceThe Decree regarding the Invoice (No. 12/PM) sets out the type, form, sort and contents of invoices required for all service providers in the Lao PDR, with details to be provided by the Ministry of Finance from time to time.Active