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NameApplications for Extension of Employment Recruitment Enterprise Establishment License
DescriptionAn employment recruitment enterprise that wishes to extend its establishment license shall meet the following conditions:
• Have properly implemented laws and regulations issued by the State;
• Has provided employment recruitment services and managed workers in an efficient manner;
• Has not caused socio-economic damage;
• Has performed obligations to the State in a timely manner and in full; and
• Has reported on employment recruitment activities to the State Employment Recruitment Management Organization on a regular basis.
Validity From01-12-2010
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 19
Measure TypeNumerical restrictions (duration license)
Agency NameMinistry of Labour and Social Welfare
Legal DocumentDecision on the Establishment and Management on Employment Recruitment Enterprises No. 043/MLSW, dated 12 January 2010
This measure applies to Service