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NameProhibition on metrological activities
DescriptionIndividuals and entities engaged in metrological activities are prohibited from the following:
1. Providing inaccurate or deficient measurement tools and equipment;
2. Holding, installing or using metrological equipment without the proper labels or marks.
3. Misrepresentation of any metrological tools or equipment.
4.Providing metrological tools and equipment that are not the same as those advertised.
5. Providing inaccurate information to metrology authorities.
6. Not following the guidelines provided by the metrology authorities.
7. Obstructing the performance of the metrology authorities.
8. Not replacing inaccurate labels on metrology equipment
9. Providing inaccurate information to the public.
Validity From13-12-2013
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 34
Measure TypeProhibition
Agency NameMinistry of Science and Technology
Legal DocumentLAW ON MEASUREMENT (Amended) No. 36/NA, dated 13 December 2013
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