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NameProhibitions on private hospital enterprises
DescriptionPrivate hospital enterprises are prohibited from engaging the following: 1. Trading of products and organs from living human body or cadaver; 2. Advertising beyond the reality by using any forms to attract the patients; 3. Importation of medical equipment, medicines or medical products without authorization; 4. Importation of old or second hand medical equipment for use in the private hospital; 5. Importation of same medical equipment, medicines or medical products for distribution and sales in the market which is the same as medicines and medical equipment import-export company; 6. Conduct medical services and issue the medical license that are not in compliance with the Law on Medical Service and other relevant laws and regulations.
Validity From28-04-2014
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 21
Measure TypeProhibition
Agency NameMinistry of Health
Legal DocumentDecree on Private Hospital No. 151/Gov, dated 28 April 2014
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