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NameSocial Obligations of Investors
DescriptionInvestors must:
1. Implement insurance and social security regimes for employees of their enterprises in compliance with laws and regulations,
2. Facilitate the organization and activities of mass organizations in their enterprises especially trade union;
3. Observe and respect local fine tradition, custom and culture;
4. Compensate those who have been affected by their business operation;
5. Contribute, support and promote domestic businesses and poverty reduction of people and develop locality where their investment projects are located;
6. Contribute budget in the social development work as per the Decree implementing this Law.
7. Perform other obligations as set out in laws and regulations.
Validity From17-11-2016
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 73
Measure TypeAdministrative Requirements
Agency NameMinistry of Planning and Investment
Legal DocumentLaw on Investment Promotion (Amended) No.14/NA, dated 17 November 2016
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