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Namedocuments to apply for operating permit in postal business
DescriptionIndividual or legal entitiy who desire to operate postal business shall apply for operating permit as follow:
(1) a Copy of investment license and enterprise registration certificate
(2) service standard imposed by the Postal Service authority and the International Postal Union;
(3) letter of appoinment or letter of antoney from business partner (in case it represents a foreign company under the same name);
(4) Trademark;
(5) List of specialized officers and thier certificates;
(6) Other documents as necessary.
Validity From09-04-2019
Validity To13-02-9999
ReferenceArticle 32
Measure TypeAuthorization / permit requirements
Agency NameMinistry of Posts and Telecommunications
Legal DocumentDecision on the Postal Services business Operating License no. 1039/MPT, dated 09 April 2019
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