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NameMinimum capital requirement for Foreign Investors engaging in joint ventures
DescriptionIn a joint venture enterprise, a Foreign Investor must contribute at least 30%, of the total registered capital proposed by the Foreign Investor at the time of submission of the investment application, except for a foreign investment enterprise established in activities open [to foreign investment] but with conditions in which the FIMC reserves a right to participate in the shareholding and establishes detailed conditions when issuing notifications regarding activities open to foreign investment I but with conditions.
Validity From23-03-2001
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 10
Measure TypeMinimum capital requirements
Agency NameMinistry of Planning and Investment
Legal DocumentDecree of the Prime Minister Regarding the Implementation of the Law on the Promotion and Management of Foreign Investment in the Lao People's Democratic Republic No. 46/PM, dated 23 March 2001
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