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NameRequirements for Input Deductible Value Added Tax
DescriptionBusinesses desirous of benefitting from deductible input Value Added Tax on goods and services in accordance with Article 20 shall:
(i) Be a business operator registered under the Value Added Tax system;

(ii) File regular monthly Value Added Tax return with a table which records the use of invoices related to monthly purchases and sales according to prescribed form
determined by the Tax Administration;

(iii) Have import certified documents from relevant sectors and the bank slips or receipt
from treasury that certify the payment at the point of entry;

(iv) Have export certified documents(for exporters) with invoices related to the export;
(v) Have made input Value Added Tax no later than six months from the date input
Value Added Tax was incurred, if the deduction is not exhausted or no output Value Added Tax to offset, [the taxpayer] shall notify the Tax Administration where they are registered for consideration of the deduction or refund or authorized expense.
Validity From23-07-2014
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 23
Measure TypeOther measures
Agency NameMinistry of Finance
Legal DocumentLaw on Value-Added Tax (Revised Version) No. 52/NA, dated 23 July 2014
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