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NameConditions to be met to establish a Land Traffic Business Related Enterprise
DescriptionIndividuals, juridic persons or organizations, both domestic and foreign, desirous of establishing an land traffic business related enterprises must undertake and/or present the following to the Public Works and Transport Department for purposes of registration: Economic and Technical Assessment Reports; technical staff possessing the requisite knowledge and experience; capital, vehicles, machineries and materials as appropriate;
a Registered Office Certificate; and Bank Statement Certificate.
Validity From12-12-2012
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 44
Measure TypeLicensing (based on experience, track record, technical requirements, and/or other)
Agency NameMinistry of Public Works and Transport
Legal DocumentLAW ON LAND TRAFFIC (Amended) No. 23/NA, dated 12 December 2012
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Road passengers
Road freight