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Procedures on establishment of aviation business.

Procedures on establishment of aviation business.

Individual or legal entities that wish to establish aviation business generally needs to follow with the conditions of enterprise Law, however they will also require to comply with the conditions from Department of Civil aviation, ministry of public works and transportation.

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The following form/s are used in this procedure Title
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TitleDescriptionCreate DateUpdate DateIssued ByFile Download
Application for Company RegistrationApplication for Company Registration2019-11-082019-11-08Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Application for Foreign Branch Registration (legal entity)Application for Foreign Branch Registration (legal entity)2019-11-082019-11-08Ministry of Industry and Commerce

This procedure applies to the following measures
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NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity
Requirement for air traffic services to operate according to internaitonal standardsPerformance requirements (mandatory)Ministry of Public Works and TransportAir traffic services must be conducted under
common regulations throughout the entire country,
consistent with regulations of the ICAO
-Law on Civil Aviation No. 01/NA, dated 19 May 200531-12-9999
Requirements for establishment of aviation enterprises in accordane with national, bilateral or internaitonal agreementsPerformance requirements (non-mandatory)Ministry of Public Works and TransportAviation enterprises may be established based on
criteria which include: national requirements for
enterprises engaging in domestic air transport crew
and technical officers; existing bilateral agreements or international conventions to which the Lao PDR is a party for enterprises engaging in international air transport. A foreign air carrier seeking to establish a representative or branch office in the Lao PDR must follow the conditions in the agreement that the Lao PDR has signed with that country or in international conventions to which the Lao PDR is a party.
-Law on Civil Aviation No. 01/NA, dated 19 May 200531-12-9999
Application Requirement of foreign enterprises providing airline services to establish branches in the Lao PDRAdministrative RequirementsMinistry of Industry and CommerceForeign enterprises involved in the airline sectors shall apply to register enterprises which establish branches in Lao PDR-Guidelines for Establishment of Foreign Enterprise Branch (Legal Entity) in Lao PDR No. 1619/MOIC.ERM, dated 28 August 201331-12-9999