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Title: Datasheet for business formalities. Technical Assistance for Business Regulation Review and Rationalization in Lao PDR
Type: General
Reponsible Agency: Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Issuing Date: 2018-10-01


The Inventory of Business Formalities (IBF)
To scope the inventory, all business formalities are grouped into the following 3 main types:
•    The operating licenses, meaning any formality required and without which business cannot operate in Lao PDR (i.e. Power Operating License, Processing Plant Operating License);
•    The formalities needed for certain activities and needed as a pre-requisite conditions before the application of the operating licenses (i.e. Construction Permit, Environmental Compliance Certificate, Capital Importation Certificate), and
•    Other kind of formalities that the laws required the submission of information or document to the relevant authorities (i.e. the Registration of the intellectual property rights or the Registration of Medicine or Cosmetics).
The IBF is organized into a series of cross-relational databases which include detailed information on each formality such as name, purpose, qualifications needed, official fees, responsible authority, legal framework, supporting documents required by the authority and statistics (i.e. the yearly frequency).

In total 208 formalities have been collected, which are listed in the separate file below.

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