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Q. What documents do I need to apply for a trade in services business operation?

The required documents in investment licensing differs in each services sector. Please Click Here to see details and documenting procedures of each sector.

Q. How long will it take to process my application on operation services related business in Lao PDR?

In normal circumstances it will take 15 business days to complete, however some cases might be longer please contact relevant agencies for more information.

Q. Can we use forms in this website for official purposes?

All forms available on this website are for viewing information only and cannot be be used as an official document. The investor should collect the form from the relevant agencies in cases where they need to use the form for official purposes. 

Q. Are the laws and regulations in this website the latest version?

We try our best to collect and update all related information in our website. However, we cannot guarantee 100% that all information in our website is accurate and up to date. We suggest that you verify the information by consulting the relevant agencies or contacting us through our Enquiries Form. 

Q. Can a foreigner invest in services related business in Laos?

Yes. But it depends in each sector. Please Click Here to search and find out the services sectors that allow a foreigner to invest in Lao PDR,


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