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Services by Sector: Other Services Not Included Elsewhere



Background Information

There are other services, which are not classified under the other 11 services sectors, but are instead grouped under “Other services”. These services sectors cover areas such as labour, migration, intellectual property and other cross functional areas.



The legal and regulatory environment governing other services sectors are is wide ranging and includes several institutional frameworks and legislation.

I. Legal and Regulatory Environment of the Other Services Sector

The Legal and Regulatory Environment of the other services sector comprises laws, regulations, decrees and other instruments which regulate other services provided within the Lao PDR.

II. Key Institutions governing Other Services Sector

Given the broad scope and breadth of the various services provided under other services, various Ministries, agencies and institutions are involved in regulating this services sector, which also applies to associations.

III. Legislation (Laws and Regulations) governing the Other Services Sector

Relevant legislations which impact the Other Services Sector include:







Law on Intellectual Property (Amended) 01/NA

Decree on Trademarks 06/PM

Decision on the Establishment and Management of Employment Agencies 043/MLSW

Ministerial Regulation on Gambling Inspection and Permit in Lao PDR 664/MICT

Guidelines on the Implementation of the Law on Social Security (Amended) 2751/MLSW

Decree on Patent, Petty Patent and Industrial Design 01/PM

Decision of the Minister on Health and Safety on Construction Sites 3006/MLSW

Law on Science and Technology 30/NA

Decree on Social Welfare 169/Gov

Decision on Citizen Migration Management 633/MHA

Labour Law (Amended) 43/NA 

Decree on Labour Capacity Building and Development 036/PM

Decision on the Permission for Importation of Foreign Labour to work in Lao PDR 5418/MLSW

Presidential Ordinance on Royalty Rate of Natural Resources 001/PO

Law on the Arrival - Departure and Management of Foreigners in Lao PDR 59/NA

Decree on Living Permanently in the Lao PDR of Foreigner, Lao Race and Stateless Persons 472/Gov



Decision on Using Family Registration Document 770/MHA

Instruction on the Implementation of Decree on State-owned Land Approval for Lease or concession 20/PMO.NLMA



Arbitration Law 06/NA

Decree on Management of Local Staff working for International Organization in Lao PDR 456/PM

Decision on Financial Management for Official Development Assistant (ODA) 2695/MOF

Presidential Ordinance on Services Charges and Fees No.003/Po







Independent Audit Law 51/NA





Decision of Implementation for Lao National Single Window 2109/MOF


The Implementation of the ASEAN MRAS in LAO PDR

Consumer Protection Law 02/NA

Decree on the State Land Lease and Concession 135/PM

Decision on GATS Enquiry Point 0349/MOIC.FTPD


Law on Postal (Amended) No.45/NA


Decree on the Implementation of the Land Law 88/PM

Law on Bankruptcy of Enterprises 06/94



Decree on the Administration of Price of Goods and Fees of Services 474/PM

Law on Inheritance 02/NA

Decree on Association 115/PM

Law on Standards (Amended) 49/NA

Decree on Film 246/Gov

Contract and Tort Law 01/NA

 Decree on Official Documents 239/Gov

Law on Measures (Amended) 36/NA

Decree on Signboard 36/Gov


Law on Statistics 03/NA

Decree on Invoice 12/PM


Law on Sport Physical Activities (Amended) 15/NA

Decree on the Document Registration 52/PM

Customs Law (Amended) 57/NA

Decree on International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO) 013/PM

Law on Agriculture 105/PM


Decree on Cooperatives 136/PM


Land Law 04/NA


Decree in Trade Competition 15/PM

Electronic Transaction Law 20/NA








Lao PDR Commitments in Other Services under Regional and International Agreements

Key agreements that Lao PDR has signed in respect of other services sector are the:

  • ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (9TH Package of Commitments)
  • ASEAN Agreement on Movement of Natural Persons

ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (9TH Package of Commitments)

This agreement covers Skill training services (CPC 97090) as other services not included elsewhere. For these services, Lao PDR placed no limitations on market access and national treatment for modes 1 and 2; cross border supply of services and consumption abroad respectively. In providing these services utilizing mode 3, the establishment of commercial presence, the limitations on market access are to be applied specified in the horizontal section and subject to economic need tests. Specific to limitations on national treatment, Lao PDR is unbound.

ASEAN Agreement on Movement of Natural Persons

Under this agreement, other services not included elsewhere comprise Skill training services (CPC 97090). Lao PDR is unbound both in respect of limitations on market access and national treatment, except as indicated in the horizontal section.