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NameApplication documents for Employment Recruitment Enterprises
DescriptionApplications for the establishment of an employment recruitment enterprise shall include the following documentation:
• An application form to establish a domestic, or domestic and foreign employment recruitment enterprise;
• An economic-technical feasibility study relating to the recruitment services;
• Details of the background of the director;
o The director shall have completed secondary school education or specific academic qualification;
• Organizational structure or board of directors;
• Location of the employment recruitment enterprise, telephone number, and facsimile number;
• Articles of Association;
• Enterprise regulations regarding the management and utilization of labour (employee management);
• Certification of address;
• Background Clearance Form 3;
• Copy of ID Card and family registration book;
• Four 4x6 photographs; and
• Other relevant documentation as may be requested.
Validity From01-12-2010
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 15
Measure TypeAdministrative Requirements
Agency NameMinistry of Labour and Social Welfare
Legal DocumentDecision on the Establishment and Management on Employment Recruitment Enterprises No. 043/MLSW, dated 12 January 2010
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