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NameObligations of Investors toward the State
DescriptionInvestors must:
1. Pay taxes, duties, fees, charges in full and timely according to relevant laws and regulations;
2. Hold accounting as per Accounting Law of Lao PDR, in case of necessity, international accounting system may be used subject to approval by the finance authority of Lao PDR;
3. Cooperate and coordinate well with local authorities in business activities;
4. promote employment of Lao labour especially women and ethnic people; pay attention to the development of labour skills, upgrade the level of specialty and transfer technology to Lao employees;
5. Contribute the budget to support tasks of monitoring, inspection over investment projects.
6. Summarize and report their business operation on a quarterly, semi-annually and annual basis to the investment one-stop-service office and relevant sector authorities.
7. Perform other obligations as set out in laws and regulations.
Validity From17-11-2016
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 72
Measure TypeAdministrative Requirements
Agency NameMinistry of Planning and Investment
Legal DocumentLaw on Investment Promotion (Amended) No.14/NA, dated 17 November 2016
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