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NameContent of Financial Report to be submitted for the Issuance of Tax Payment License/Certificate
DescriptionThe Financial Report, which shall be submitted by legal entities and Individuals when requesting the issuance of a tax payment license/certificate, shall comprise:

(i) A summary of assets, liabilities of that financial year;
(ii) The report of business outcome of that financial year;
(iii) A summary of the list of fixed assets and the depreciation table;
(iv) A summary of all tax payments in the financial year and supported documents such as
certificate of tax payment
(v) The summary of the tax invoice utility;
(vi) Production plan, the annual revenue – expenditure target plan and the tax payment plan
of that financial year; and
(vii) Account balance before and after audit
Validity From06-10-2014
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceArticle 5
Measure TypeAdministrative Requirements
Agency NameMinistry of Finance
Legal DocumentMinisterial Instruction On Tax Revenue Collection Management No. 3281/MOF, dated 6 October 2014
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