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Procedures on establishment of Telecommunication business

Procedures on establishment of Telecommunication business

Any domestic and foreign Individuals or legal entities that wish to establish telecommunication business will need to follow the rules and regulations on establish business as specified in law on investment promotion and Law on enterprise, in addition they will also need the approval from Ministry of Post and Telecommunication if they are operating business in the area of:

  • Supply of network and telecommunication services
  • Supply telecommunication services for those who do not have their own network
  • Installation of telecommunication networks for the use [ of the service provider] 

And if their business operation fall to areas below they will need an approval from department of post and telecommunication from the provincial level:

  • Supply of internet, internet domain name, internet connection and supporting services
  • Consultancy, installation, repair services, export, import, manufacturing, and distribution of telecommunication department.

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The following form/s are used in this procedure Title
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TitleDescriptionCreate DateUpdate DateIssued ByFile Download
Application for Company RegistrationApplication for Company Registration2019-11-082019-11-08Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Contract of Ordinary Partnership EstablishmentContract of Ordinary Partnership Establishment2019-11-082019-11-08Ministry of Industry and Commerce

This procedure applies to the following measures
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NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity
Licensing Requirement to provide telecommunications servicesLicensing (based on experience, track record, technical requirements, and/or other)Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsThere are four categories of licensing to operate
telecommunication services
-Law on Telecommunication (Amended) No. 09/NA, dated 21 December 201131-12-9999
Requirement for a registration to establish telecommunications enterprisesAdministrative RequirementsMinistry of Posts and TelecommunicationsA domestic and foreign individual, legal entity or organization wishing to establish a telecommunication enterprise must file an application for establishment and registration. The article specifies a list of operations of a telecommunication enterprise that require approval from the Ministry-Law on Telecommunication (Amended) No. 09/NA, dated 21 December 201131-12-9999
Requirement for each category of telecommunication services license to be valid for specific timeNumerical restrictions (duration license)Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsThere are limitations on the term of each category of license for telecommunication
services. These are : category 1-15 years, category 2 - 10
years; category 3 - 5 years; category 4 - 3 years.
-Law on Telecommunication (Amended) No. 09/NA, dated 21 December 201131-12-9999
Requirement for telecommunications providers to refrain from various activities including anti-competititive conductProhibitionMinistry of Posts and TelecommunicationsTelecommunication service providers are prohibited from engaging in several activities, including colluding with other service providers to obstruct fair competition; and using information received from other service providers for unfair competition purposes-Law on Telecommunication (Amended) No. 09/NA, dated 21 December 201131-12-9999