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Procedures for investment in concession business

Procedures for investment in concession business

Investor that wish to invest in concession business, the application form could be submitted at Ministry of Planning and investment, and OSU (One Stop Unit) will give guidance for investors in preparing necessary documents,after that the CPMI will hold a meeting in order to get basic approval and reporting to the government. Then the government or provincial authorities will consider and approving the negotiation, then the Investment Promotion Department will negotiate for mutual benefits and making the report to government office to get signing approval.

Once getting the signing authorization from government office, MPI will help the investor to prepare signing agreement, and after signing the concession license will be issued to investor.


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This procedure applies to the following measures
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NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity
Requirement for fee in the form of warranty to be deposited to conduct concession investmentFeeMinistry of Planning and InvestmentInvestor must deposit warranty based on the size, type, sector and agreement made during the MOU/concession agreement negotiation-Decree on the Implementation of the Investment Promotion Law No. 119/PM, dated 20 April 201131-12-9999
Requirement for license for concession businessAuthorization / permit requirements Ministry of Planning and InvestmentInvestment in concession business must receive
-Law on Investment Promotion No. 02/NA, dated 8 July 200931-12-9999
Requirement for terms of concession investment not to exceed 99 yearsNumerical restrictions (duration license)Ministry of Planning and InvestmentConcession activity must not exceed 99 years and may be extended with the approval-Law on Investment Promotion No. 02/NA, dated 8 July 200931-12-9999